Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Operation Santa Clause

Christmas Eve, 2009

check out Santa's humps.

With his little helpers
Lia, Maita and Ila

Target locked: a bunch of kids

that's me... giving the next gift to Santa and whispering who it's for.

we do this every year... a tradition even waaay before i was one of these kids.

Happy Holidays!

*I still have tons of blogs to post... i will before work starts again.. boohoo.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

blister range

I've been meaning to get active on sports again, since i've been feeling a bit of a weakling lately. Haven't had a physical activity for quite a while now.. and I'm gonna try to change that.

i've been jogging around the village too.. and today i decided to hit the range after maybe a year and a half of not holding a club.

it felt good to hit again, felt my muscles being stretched to the limit.. im gonna pop alaxan later anticipating that i would feel this in the morning.

ang mahal na pala pumalo ngayon grabe.. i spent 470 pesos all in for an hour.. geezuz.. plus gatorade which i bought in 7eleven for 30 bucks.. a total of 500 pesos for an hour's worth of sweat.. damn.. money money..

this is what you get when you hit after a loooong time of not playing.
damn they fucking hurt.

was supposed to hit the mall after and get some new office clothes... but i got too tired.. and went home to eat pansit instead.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Testing 1 2 3

Just testing posting a blog from my mobile... If it will actually work...

First limitation i noticed is that i dont have multiple windows on.. Like an article on the other which i would like to talk about or share with you guys... Hmm... I use a nokia E71... On an Opera Mini web browser... Any suggestions to make my mobile/blogging experience even better other that getting an iPhone? :p hit me back!

Ive got an interesting article to share... But im still too lazy to get my laptop.. I already tweeted the link so go check that out if u wanna :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

my Birthday Sex

october 2009

this is how they pulled it off....

around 12 noon.. IM from Rich.. something like "ui bro.. lakad mamaya? birthday ng kapatid ko sama ka, daan lang tayo then bahala na" (hey dude, what's the plan for tonight? it's my brother's birthday... come with.. let's just pass by then whatever)

picked me up at around 730... picked up Bianca.. then off to some bar in BF... oh Cedar... for some reason.. Rich was thirsty... one bottle after the other... i was getting a bit buzzed already... then..

my mom calls...

Mom: Nikki, can you come home?
Me: What?!? Why?!
Mom: I don't know.. you have to go with your dad to Calamba
Me: What?! Why?!
Mom: I don't know.. basta you have to go daw with him.. drive for him daw..
Me: Why? What happend ba?
Mom: I don't know eh...
Me: Kailangan ba talaga ako (does it really have to be me?)
Mom: Yeah, Kiko left na...
Me: Nakakahiya naman.....
Mom: Just say it's an emergency
Me: Sige sige..

By this time.. i was both worried and pissed....

Rich: oh bro ano nangyari? (Bro, what happend?)
Me: ewan ko.. pinapauwi ako ng mom ko eh.. (I don't know.. my mom is asking me to come home)
Rich: ha? bakit? (what? why?)
Me: ewan ko pare.. weird nga eh. .samahan ko daw dad ko.. papa drive daw.. (I don't know dude, it's weird.. i have to accompany my dad.. asking me to drive for him)
Rich: oh? ngayon na? (Yeah? Now?)
Me: dein.. ok lang.. maya maya na.. (No, it's okay, let's wait a bit..)
Rich: sige last beer.. punta rin kami Giligans (Alright, let's finish this beer, we have a party to go to at Giligans anyway)
Me: okay..

In the village...

Rich: bro.. naiihi ako.. (Bro, I gotta piss)
Me: sige sige.. ihi ka lang diyan sa labas (go ahead, take a piss outside)
Bianca: kwak.. ako rin.. (Kwak, I have to go also)
Me: oh.. sige sige.. pasok ka.. (Oh, alright.. come inside)

I saw my brother's car outside.. and so i got pissed.. thinking.. "oh.. nandito pala siya, bat pinauwi pa ako!" (my brother is here, why did the have to let me go home?)

I rush through the gate... then i saw a woman sitting in the sala... I thought it was my brother's girlfriend.. as I got closer.. I saw it was Patti... with a cake with lit candles.. so i blew on them.. then.. i was like.. "oh.. is this why my mom asked me to come home?" suddenly....

people started to come out from inside the house...

damn.. they got me.

you got me bianca! showbiz ka talaga... swakto!

thank you Yellow Cab Alabang, you got here fast!


just settled down..

artista + poker player
I was with the both of you for 2 hours! you guys didn't crack.. not even a hint.. good job.

cranium time..
Boys 4 Wins
Girls 0 Wins

I made a video.. showing.. THE MOMENT.... but YouTube caught me for copyright infringment.. I'll figure it out.. ill try Facebook maybe.... you gotta see this ;)


Sunday, October 11, 2009

mr. & mrs.

Congratulations Ken & Azel Solano!

getting married.


don't they look happy? aww.. *tear*

mr. & mrs. solano

lucky bastard.

oops. she looked straight at me, maybe cause I was screaming my lungs off? "higher! higher! use your mouth bro!" damn.. jahe.. hahah!

aaaww... love..

their first dance.. awwww..

then they went MJ on us.. awesome

with the beautiful bride Azel

it was a lovely wedding you guys... I'm happy you've found each other... bless you both and i hope you'll have a wonderful life together.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

dios mio. round two.

pambihira.. back to back..

(as of 8pm, October 1, 2009)

stay strong Pilipinas... we can get through this, we always do.
stick together team.

this just in: heard on BNO that the Laguna Lake is expected to overflow, especially as the new typhoon comes. If you have relatives, friends, or whatever that could be affected by this, please advice them to evacuate their homes already. If you can, take them in, and let another obstacle pass.

more info on Pepeng here

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bling Bling.

I am currently tasked to study the World Gold Market now, how it works and shit...

my nose is fucking bleeding.. I can't stop it from bleeding! haha!

if you're interested.. here are some of the terms the wicked traders use. You might get to use this once or twice in your life to either impress ladies, or impress their parents, especially if they are market traders, you need to know this shit.

if you are thinking of entering the market, wherein I believe in the NY COMEX, the minimum trade is 100 oz. Bid/Ask as of right now is USD 1,014.90-1015.90 so thats around minimum USD101,490??? hahaha... i'm not sure about this but that's how i understand it. If you have Golden Balls, by all means, trade the shit out of yourself.

Half of the terms here are used in all types of markets (equities, commodities, FX, whatever) excluding dry and wet. The other half are specific for Gold. Here goes:

Bar: Typical gold product, either for trading or for accumulation. Bars come in a variety of shapes weights and purities and different bars are favoured in different parts of the world.
Bear:Someone expecting prices to fall.
Bid/ask: Bid or buy is the price a dealer is prepared to pay for gold bullion. Ask or sell is the price offered by the seller. (see also definition of spread)
Bull: Someone expecting prices to rise
Bullion: Originally meaning "melting place" or "mint", probably from the French bouillon, boiling.
Bullion Coin: A legal tender coin whose market price depends on its gold content, rahter than its rarity or face value
Certificates: Gold certificates are a method of holding gold without taking delivery.
CFTC: Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the regulatory body in the US covering future markets
COMEX: the New York Commodity Exchange
Contango: The difference between a forward price and a nearby price when the former exceeds the latter
Delivery: The transfer of the asset from seller to buyer.
Delta: The proporortion by which the price of an option changes in response to a change in the price of the underlying asset.
European Option: An option that may only be exercised on the date of expiry.
Face Value: The nominal value given to legal tender coin or currency
Fineness: Gold purity. usually expressed in parts per thousand thus 995 or two nines five is 995/1000 or 99.5% pure.
Fix: The London gold fixing takes place twice daily over the telephone and sets aprice at which all known orders to buy and sell gold on a spot basis at the time of the fix can be settled. The London Fix is the world standard price.
Forward contract: a principal's contract that trades an asset for settlement on a specific date in the future. Each forward contract is "tailor-made"
Futures contract: an agreement to buy or sell a specific amount of a commodity or financial instrument at a particular price on a stipulated future date
GOFO: The Gold Offered Forward Rate (OR GO Forward Offered Rate), which is the rate at which dealers will lend gold against US dollars.
Gold Standard: A monetary system based on convertability into gold; paper backed and interchangeable with gold.
Hedging: The use of derivative instruments to protect agains price risk.
Karat: Unit of fineness, scaled from one to 24. 24 karat gold (pure gold) has at least 999 parts pure gold per thousand; 18-karat has 750 parts pure gold and 250 parts alloy, etc.
Liquidity: The quality possessed by a financial instrument of being readily convertible into cash without significant loss of value.
Lot: alternative term for a futures contract.
Mark to Market: The valuation of an open position as at current price levels.
Naked short: A seller of a contract who does not have the metal to back up his position
Spot Price: The price for spot delivery which in the gold market is two days from the trade date
Spread: The difference between Bid (the price a buyer is prepared to pay for gold) and Ask (the price at which a seller offeres to sell) prices.
Stale Bull: Speculator who has bough a commodity or trading instrument in the expectation of price rises and then sells on disappointment at the market's faiulre to fulfill his expectations.
Stop Loss Order: An order that will close out a loss making position when the price reached a specific level.
Troy Ounce: The standard weight in which gold is quoted in the international market, weighing 31.1035g

and my favorite:

Numismatic: Coins valued for their rarity, condition and beauty beyond the intrinsic value of their gold content.

Douche: You are Numismatic
Girl: What? Numismatic?
Douche: Yeah. You are rare, one of a kind, in exceptional condition and you have beauty beyond the intrinsic value of your golden heart.
Girl: *blush*

WTF?! hahah!

subukan mo nga! haha!

now i gotta go work.

image from here

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thank God It's Sunday.

(from Tito Jojo Guingona's 2009 Calendar)

Man, I’ve been so busy with the banker life, well not as much as my peers, but you get my point. When I get home from Makati, I’m just too tired to do anything else but eat, watch TV and just lay on my dismantled bunk bed. Oh thank God it’s Sunday, and I have time to just chillax (that’s how the cool kids call chilling and relaxing nowadays, and I’m cool too).

I just checked the blog, and I noticed, people still do visit it, and I haven’t posted anything since august 17? Jahe naman, so here is another attempt to somewhat entertain you and put a smile on your face.

It’s sunny and windy! Just lovely after weeks of non-stop irritating rain which messes up my get-up to work. My Steve’s are getting wet! What up?! Sophia is here, we’re going to do nothing, together. We’re sweet like that.

I still haven’t read my August issue of Rogue cover to cover, and now is the time. Chillaxin (oh yeah) in our lanai, with my bro Chris Botti blowing his own trumpet with Sting, (a real trumpet, geez, you’ve got some dirty mind there) whose music can just relax you to the soul. With an attempt to make my own iced cafe’ mocha (Nescafe 3 in 1 + Ovaltine + Milk + Water + Ice), wasn’t very good but whatever, I just need some caffeine in my system due to last night.

Steady. But feakin’ a, our neighbor's helper is cutting their lawn with some irritating grass cutter. It’s so fucking noisy. It’s Sunday damn it! Can’t you do that tomorrow when everyone is at work!? Geez, trying to cover that annoying noise by pumping up the volume on Chris Botti’s trumpet. They are the worst neighbors ever. They used to call the cops (once or twice, even real cops, not just village security) on us when I would have parties back in HS and College. What a pooper. They even did a hate campaign on us. It was a failed attempt. Whatever, I won’t waste your time ranting about them; it’s just not worth it. Dump the bad vibes and let the good vibes roll. Yeah.

The August issue of Rogue is all about food. They feature tons of restaurants, food bloggers, filipino world-class chefs and a lot of stuff related to food. Restaurants, chefs, food and drinks have never been this interesting. If you want to try something new, away from the typical restaurants you find in shopping malls, and you just don’t know where to go? Grab a copy; I think they are still on the stands, hurry!

It’s getting gloomy and the wind is getting angry. It’s going to be a wet Sunday after all. Boohoo.

Pleasant wet Sunday to everyone. Keep it positive.

Monday, August 31, 2009

cranium high

Friday night = tacos, fish-squid balls, kikiam, tsing tao beer, swimming, cranium, taboo, rock band

Cranium is this board game which combined all the fun board games into one, super fun, especially if you have competitive friends like Anton and Pat S, pikon friends like Rosy, malakas mangasar friends like JP, Patrick... a little boys vs. girls is always fun... Pat S: "Next time mixed teams naman" (cause they lost twice! hahaha :p)

This game tests your teams creativity, general knowledge, communication skills, english skills, in a very very very fun way... super laftrip lang.. but intellectual at the same time.. It's like, are you smarter than a 5th grader + pictionary + charades + monopoly's luck factor on the dice + whatever other game there is...

Our team = Kwak, Anton, Patrick, JP, Julius, Bianca
Queer team = Pat S, Rosy, Jacky, Jed, Rich

I repeat.. we won twice.. haha.. expert at spelling as a team backwards.. hahah! and JP's sculpting skills and drawing with his eyes closed skills, anton's acting skills (vibrator = anton acting as if he was putting something in between his legs looking up in the ceiling as if the satisfaction and pleasure he was getting was insane)

that's just a few examples of what crazy stuff cranium will make you do.. if you want to have a good time with your friends without the need for much alcohol.. cranium is the way to go since you can get everyone involved.. a little competition is always fun... rockband can only accomodate up to 4 players at a time and usually some guys just hog it the whole night.. haha..

Sunday, August 23, 2009

let's play grossology!

kwakaduck + sophia + kiko + pam
holiday friday

It was Sophia's birthday last Wednesday, August 19, so they had this whole day of activities set for Friday. It's not everyday that I have a free day off from my banker life, so I decided to tag along and have some quality time with the prettiest little girl alive..... kiko :p

1. Science Discovery Center
2. Shop
3. Merienda
4. watch UP in 3D

location: Mall of Asia

the fish that answers all your questions
try it.

don't really want to experience a real one, i'm fine with this simulation room

fishical education

this was pretty fun, Sophie and I scored 4th place in football

apparently, we're all gross...

sulit ba?
First, there's not really much to do in here, highlight was the 3D film in the observatory, just cause it looked cool.. and grossology of course
Second, a lot of the displays were not working! obviously, the place isn't being maintained well.... sayang naman..
with SM advantage, it's 300 per person

+ gift from patti

date at Burgoo, she got a cookies n' cream milk shake
she had a blast drawing on the table

couldn't finish my Hamburgoo, damn was it good... one of the tastiest burgers i've had... pricey, but worth it man.. solid..

decided not to watch UP in 3D anymore cause the line just to buy tickets was ridiculous...

Kiko: let's watch nalang in alabang babe?
Sophia: Okay
Kiko: Why?
Sophia: Cause the line is so long...

That's some awesome kid.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

amats? -- Gourmet's a.k.a. Charbroiled

after -- Paolo's bday painom at altitude bar in , Aguirre-BF (no pictures sorry, was lazy)
decent place, quite small though, so medyo masikip, but the electric fan to person ratio is quite high, so that's good for none a/c joints.

after loads of beer, jager shots, girly shots, kropek, cheese sticks, french fries, mojos... we still had to go to Gourmet's a.k.a. Charbroiled... i don't know how it happend, but everyone calls that spot charbroiled now, i guess cause the word has the bigger font in the signage? haha..

if you're from the south, you probably know about this spot already, if you don't.... shame on you! you're missing a lot....

good vibes

i used to get Blue Thunder all the time, but i'm into Beef Takaw now..

our order:
4 Beef Takaws
5 Blue Thunders

we stick with the classics...

didn't say much about the food, but dude.. trust me.. winner.. swear.. i vouch for this.. haha.. price-quality ratio is exceptional... (will explain about this ratio soon, came up with this ratio after intense finance subjects in training)... you just have to go and try it.. perfect after a night of drinks... best after amats food trip spot.. better than mcdo breakfast menu..

closed? naah... mabait sila ate.. :p

and they cater too....

zoom in on the signage, may tatlong butiki.. hahaha! :P

Gourmet's Palate (Charbroiled) is located in BF ParaƱaque, Aguirre Avenue.. you can't miss it.