Thursday, June 18, 2009

TUG-X Day 10: Fear Factor Tuguegarao

Jaime: Go go go go!
Ma'am Ivie: ooh.. waaaahaha!
Jaime: Kainin mo.. kainin mo! mmmmmmwaaahahaha!
Beautiful TUG women: nagtitilian
Jaime: whooo! whooo! whooo!
Ma'am Ivie: oh how's the taste? wala naman diba?
Ate Wendy: oh.. wala naman.. parang wala lang..
Ms. Loy: tingnan mo itsura mo.... lumabas pagka intsik mo!

cant believe I did it... haha! what an experience, I'm gonna be telling this story to my future kids... haha!

in Ilokano, it's called Abal-Abal, first they said it was cockroach from the bukid, so they're clean, and I'm one of those guys afraid of ipis! what more eat em'.. after doing it... I went out and the guard said it wasn't cockroach, it was a beetle or salagubang... same thing man...


  1. Revenge! After all those times they've terrorized me... I finally get to bite their asses off!

    Hmm.. but it's effing gross..

    Roaches still win i guess...

  2. Blech!!! Gross.. :|
    what did it taste like?? oh never mind. I dont wanna know.
    But im proud of you. You ate a cockroach/salagubang. Considering youre like the ipis freak. Hats off! =))
    Still, kadiri parin. =))

  3. @Jaime waahahahah! TUG-XxX

    @Pat haha! it tasted weird.. can't explain.. u have to try.. haha! I am proud.. revenge as Jaime puts it.. haha!

  4. you just ate what we call asimmawa (a-sim-ma-wa) in ybanag!

    u d man nikki!