Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TUG-X Day 3: Inday Celebration

June Eleven / Twenty-Zero nine

First time to celebrate this as a part of the Development Bank of the Philippines, and apparently, everyone is required to come in to work with their Filipino inspired attire. I didn’t bring any so I had to shop for something to wear; I was able to come up with the easiest attire, a “magsasaka”. I had blue jeans and flip flops with me, so I just got myself a white camisa de chino and an orange bandana inspired by Mr. Hayden Kho in JM, which logo looked like SM. It was quite funny walking the streets of Arellano to work wearing that outfit, but I didn’t care, no one knew who I was anyway. The women from the branch had their Barot’ Sayas, it was classic. The Bank’s clients were quite amused of how everyone was dressed, Filipino pride it was. We brought Jaime’s camera to work and I waited for the right moment to bring it out and shoot the ladies. Once we did, they all went crazy. Goal #4 up by a point. Ma’am Ivie the branch cashier made us eat this local delicacy “Sinanta” which was this spicy noodle soup with chicken, mushrooms and other stuff, it was really good, Jaime had 3 servings.

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