Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TUG-X Day 5: nature trippin' tuguegarao style

Upon arrival to Callao, I was pessimistic because all I saw was a river, and a mountain. The Mighty Kuya Randy said that we had to ride a bangka to cross the river and go all the way up the mountain and enter the cave, and so we went. The gruelling steps started which I failed to count since my mind was so focused upon climbing. Jaime took a lot of breaks (haha!) which was fine since I also needed them. Surprisingly, a Lawin (hawk) showed up, grabbed the camera and kept on shooting, wished Jaime had a telephoto lens with him, but it was good enough, cropping action will do.

We then reached the cave, I was immediately blown away. It was my first time to see something like this with my own eyes, Discovery Channelesque, it was awesome. First thing I noticed was how huge the cave was, the chapel inside is the first attraction you would see. It was so mysterious, quite creepy, but not like any chapel I have seen, that’s fo’sho. Started to go around the cave, took shots of anything interesting that came across us. It was just astonishing, it felt cool inside, minimal sunlight, ground temperature, it had an amazing feel, a great experience, I am truly glad. Fortunately, Kuya Randy used to be a photographer for his college paper, his shots were pretty good, it made us look as one of those wacky and enthusiastic guys in Discovery Channel, like Ben Grylls from Man vs. Wild which by the way is an awesome show. You just have to see the pictures, you just have to.

After two hours of taking pictures and going around the cave, we decided to go back and have lunch; all the spelunking made us hungry. There was only one place where you could eat at, and they took advantage of it. It was just like any other carinderia, but priced as if it was McDonalds. Whatever, we were just too hungry to complain. We didn’t have enough of nature just yet, so we decided to take kayaks and go around the river. It was hella fun, but not as amazing as the cave. Unluckily, it rained really hard last night which made the water look a little brownish. The sun was scorching, good thing we already applied two layers of sun block on our skin. The interesting part was when you reach “Mororan” which was a small area wherein water from inside the mountain fell. It looked like rainfall. The water was so cold and refreshing, spent 15 minutes just lying there. We continued on and reached the sight of a Bat Cave. No, not that bat. The guide said that the bats would go storming out of the cave at around 6 in the afternoon, we were 4 hours off. Continued on by the river, went for a quick dip in the water at the designated area just to cool our body temperatures off. We then started to kayak back, another 5 minutes in Mororan, then went on back. One more 45-minute tricycle ride back to Tuguegarao and the hotel. I was so beat, shower, pancit for merienda then siesta time it was.

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  1. Awesome pictures!
    You are a certified Spelunker. Haha! :D