Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TUG-X Day 9: show & tell

9:11 in the a.m., sitting on my desk (yes, I have owned this desk, only for a month though), enthusiastic since our coach for this Related Learning Experience, the Tuguegarao Branch Head will be arriving at around 10 a.m. Hoping that our task for the rest of the month will be cleared up and mapped accordingly. Finally, we can get some work done other than goofing around in the branch, entertaining the branch ladies by any means possible, looking for things to fool around with like hopping on an armoured car, counting a shit load of money, and other sorts of activities.

Just finished reading “Show & Tell” an article by Paolo Lorenzana of Rogue, focusing briefly on the life and experiences of Georgina Wilson. I still can’t quite catch my breath because of both the astounding beauty of Ms. Georgina Wilson, and the astonishing words by Mr. Lorenzana. You have to read it to know what I’m talking about. read article here
An excerpt from this article -> “There is an unspoken jurisdiction you may submit to when you are in the presence of Georgina Wilson. It’s almost like the world is a street that’s just been put on pause and she’s having a dandy time walking through it.” Hot damn, wish that kind of poetry would just go airborne from my mind.

Georgina Wilson photograph by Mark Nicdao on Rogue

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