Sunday, July 5, 2009

Flight survival kit / what’s on my iPod?

July Five, Twenty-Zero Nine
Kwakaduck Flight Survival Kit

1. iPod
2. Skull Candy Headphones (maximum sound and comfort)
3. Rogue - June 2009 Issue (Rogue is just amazing - first thing I bought when I arrived in MLA last Friday)
4. My trusty white Parker Pen (same importance to me as my mobile)
5. Tissue paper from Chinese fastfood chain (for my game - read on)

It’s pretty hard to entertain yourself when you’re flying alone, especially if you have a mild mild mild case of A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder) which I have diagnosed myself with. I don’t like idle time, I have to be doing something all the time.

At first, I kept on walking around the airport, looking at stuff in Island Souvenirs, which by the way have cheap and awesome graphic tees promoting the PI. Plus, another “I am not Korean” moment.

**kwakaduck is looking around, looking at shirts, shorts and everything else
Salesdude: Hi sir, would you like to try them on?
Kwakaduck: okay, where?
Salesdude: there there sir, at the back
**kwakaduck goes out of the dressing room
Salesdude: sir sir, okay? Okay?
Kwakaduck: no, no, too big, you have extra small? (yes, i am thin)
Salesdude: oh sorry sir, none
Kwakaduck: okay (then walks away)
Salesdudette: ui, may skull candy siya oh! (I look at her, she freaks out, she thought I wouldn’t understand)
Salesdude: sir sir! I like your skull candy, how much how much did you buy it?
Kwakaduck: ahhh.. 2 thousand I think?
Salesdude: pesos?
Kwakaduck: yes
Salesdude: oh, very nice, I like. Sir sir, we sell the big ones, big headphones, 8 thousand pesos, very nice
Kwakaduck: oh no, too big.
Salesdude: okay sir
**nice try dude, you’ll get someone to buy next time ;)

That was quite entertaining, then I continued walking around and decided to eat some Chinese even if I wasn’t hungry cause I just had breakfast (Mild 3x A.D.D it is). I got my iPod out of my pack and thought of listening to music while I enjoy my white chicken rice bowl (which I did not finish). Then BOOM-BOOM-POW, Idea. I decided to play a game, wherein I would turn on shuffle songs and listen to every song which plays (no skipping!). I know your iPods have songs that you didn’t really like and just put the whole album or whatever as to use the ridiculous GB yours have. So I got a tissue paper, put out my trusty pen, and started to right the songs. Let’s see how diverse my collection is:

1. Babyface – Everytime I Close My Eyes
2. Pedicab – Sagot Kita
3. Bamboo – Probinsyana
4. Global Deejays Vs. Benny Benassi – San Francisco Dreaming
5. Tim McGraw – Can’t Tell Me Nothing
6. Brand New Heavies – After Forever
7. Alicia Keys feat. John Mayer – Lesson Learned
8. Cos – What If
9. Glen Hansard – Gold
10. Maroon 5 – She Will Be Loved
11. Bob Marley – Get Up, Stand Up
12. Sister Hazel – All For You
13. Snow Patrol – Whatever’s Left
14. The Beatles – Day Tripper
15. Erasure – Imagination
16. Fleetwood Mac – Coming Home
17. Oasis – Cigarettes and Alcohol
18. Ben Harper – Diamonds On the Inside
19. Norah Jones – Cold Cold Heart
20. Coldplay – Death and All His Friends
21. Beck – Hotwax
22. Young Jeezy feat. Akon – Soul Survivor
**credit to Styleloca cause 50% of the songs stored are hers
You should try doing this, I'm sure you'll be amazed and find songs you never knew you had.

Touchdown! I am in TUG once again. Picked up by the awesome staff of Hotel Kimikarlai. I missed room 307, my soft bed and 24/7 A/C. Reality BIT me – I have to start working and finish our Credit Application!

Due to several domestic flights I have been on this year, and have tried all three major domestic airlines (Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines and PAL Express) I am thinking of blogging about some booking tips, experiences I have had, comments, which could help you guys. I’m no expert! But what the hell? So watch out for it.


  1. wow dami mo na collection bro..pahingin naman kahit isa..hehehe

  2. music? haha.. that's why i thought of doing it.. cause i just listen to a few play lists and artists/albums.. you should try it bro :P