Saturday, July 4, 2009

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009 Writing Project

one night in room 307, I came across a show on QTV which was about blogging/bloggers and everything involved. Different blogs were featured like celebrity blogs, fashion blogs, online shopping blogs, etc. Then a segment was shown featuring this blog called "influential bloggers" which was having a "writing project" on the emerging influential blogs for the year, so i checked the website out.

since I am very new to this blog thing, I didnt really know any "influential" blogs out there, since I only follow the same blogs as Styleloca does (she knows more about these stuff). The good thing was, they posted others' top 10 emerging influential blogs, so I began to view the blogs they voted for and try come up with my own list. I have already spent a few days browsing a bunch of blogs, from food blogs, travel blogs, personal blogs, and what seemed to me as "bashing blogs"... but I still can't complete my list.. here are the most interesting and "influential" emerging blogs I have seen so far...

1. Numbrd
2. Patay Gutom
3. Lakwatsero
4. Let's Go Sago!
5. The Accidental Teacher
6. Flair Candy

i will seek for the remaining 4 blogs.. in time.. in time...
maybe i can vote for my own blog? :p


  1. yes you can. :)

    you can also check out my blog for video bloggers -

  2. Hi Kwakaduck!

    Thank you for including Sago of in your list! Weee!

    Cheers! :)

  3. Hi, you may also would like to conside :)

    Check it out, it's a magazine type of blog that features different topics and area of interests like moview reviews, technology, and events. Thanks!

  4. @CoksiBlue oh.. hahaha!
    @somethingsweetandmore you guys deserve my vote :)
    @Jon I will look into it..

  5. Let me recommend these blogs:

    1. Roy of The Struggling Blogger - Great blogger, humorist, creative writer, great father, and superb friend.
    2. Doc Z of Zorlone - A doctor, poet, creative writer whose work regularly appears in Helium, Associated Content, and Plotdog. Funny, easygoing, but very loyal friend.
    3. Dee of Tales from the Mom Side - Lawyer, mom blogger. Compassionate, levelheaded, connects well with her readers and most of all great ally and friend.
    4. Kelvin of Kelvinonian Ideas - young blogger, artist - quite talented at logo designs and art works you need for your blog, very helpful and full of bright ideas. Great at networking, superb friend to have.
    5. Barrio Siete - a collective blog headed by Reyna Elena. Great writers under one barrio. You'd lose track of time reading their no-nonsense, funny blockbuster posts about current issues.
    6. Patay Gutom - the best food blog hereabouts. A foodie blog headed by the incomparable Jehzeel.
    7. Me - saan ka pa lols - Jan of WritingToExhale. Wala lang, feel ko lang isama name ko dito. Baka sakali.

    Hays, marami pa akong type ilist. Kaso pagod na ako. Bahala na silang magpakilala dito. Malalaki na sila noh. ahahaha

  6. @Jan i did vote for PatayGutom.. haha.. alright.. ill try searching for their URLs. thanks for the info!

  7. Hello. Kindly include a link to the writing project page at

    Once done, will include this blog in our next weekly summary. Thank you for joining!

  8. your wish is my command :)

  9. hello, can you consider my blog, too? I'm Kelvin of, a photoblog/personal started last sept. 2008.

    and pls also consider the list of Jan's recommendation here in comments.

    Thank you very much. :D

  10. Hi there! Hope you consider our blog, The Pedestrian Foodista, for your top 10 nominees. Thanks! :)


    The Pedestrian Foodista

  11. Hi. Kindly complete your qualified top 10 list on or before August 3 in order to be counted.

    For inclusion in the raffle, please include the latest list of sponsors.

    Thank you.

  12. Hi,

    I hope you will consider nominating my blog as well as the other blogs suggested by Jan. Thank you. :)