Thursday, August 6, 2009

Snake Eyes is still my favorite Joe

Alabang Town Center
Cinema 3
August 5, 2009
Screen time: 9:30 pm

BONUS! was fortunate enough to catch the advanced screening. The best way to watch a movie, is to have NO EXPECTATIONS, if it is a good movie, it will be even better. If it turned out to be a sucky movie, you don't get disapointed. So banat lang.

I won't say anything about the story, as to not spoil it for you guys.. but I liked it a lot... people compare it with Transformers, but why compare? It was a very good adaptation of the cartoon, I got goosebumps on some scenes wherein childhood flashed back. I want to look for my box of G.I. Joe action figures, the chopper, the tanks.. and play like a ten-year old!

Snake Eyes is still my favorite Joe, angas dude. Sulit ang bayad ;)

movie poster from here
snake eyes poster from here

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