Saturday, August 1, 2009

bromance no more.

one of the best douchebags (rich alvarez) is inlove.

with Biancayatot, a pretty little up and coming interior designer. Actually, they have already been together for 7 months (going at 8 months this 8/8) i think? But it's my first time to sit down and drink with just the two of them, since I've been very busy with work.

contract states: I, Bianca B. Maloles, Filipino, of legal age, do solemnly swear that I will design the house of Nikkolas G. Tolentino for FREE.
Signed: Bianca B. Maloles & Nikkolas G. Tolentino
Witnessed: Rich DM. Alvarez

Kwak: Bianca, bakit si Rich? Di ko magets eh, bakit siya?!
Rich: *laughs* bakit nga ba? sabihin mo!
Bianca: ahh.. eewaan ko.. hihi (she has the tinyest and softest voice ever)

*rich taking a piss*
Kwakaduck: So inaalagaan mo ba bata ko?
Bianca: Nagaalagan kami.

yeeeeee.. soooobrangg cheeeeeesssyyy!!

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