Sunday, August 9, 2009

dancing time with the boys

Giligan's Alabang
August 7, 2009

with special guest:

Jake Cuenca


Vincent Chase + Turtle

Here is how the night went...
1. Work Talk
2. Lee girls (Festival Mall)... apparently they are hot, I have to see for myself
3. Tayong Dalawa
4. Bus
5. Cory Aquino
6. Tayong Dalawa
kwak: maganda ba yung tayong dalawa?
paolo and astuds in chorus: SOOOOBRRRAAA!!
astuds: sa tingin mo manonood ako nun?!
paolo: entourage ng Pilipinas pare!
kwak: ulul...
paolo: halo halo eh.. may melrose place..
astuds: may prison break.. CSI.. Love triangle.. kumpleto!
paolo and astuds in chorus: COCO MARTIN SOLID!
kwak: marami chix?
paolo and astuds in chorus: oo ngayon marami na

7. Jake Cuenca
astuds: (can relate) tangina ako yun eh! (during some scenes)
kwak: sino chix dun?
paolo: si Agot solid!

band plays: I'd still say yes
paolo: tangina favorite ko yan!

jp arrives and asks astuds: bench fix ba yan? (astuds got a new haircut)
astuds: oo pare. .sabi ko Jake Cuenca

8. Basketball
paolo: umaasa pako sa PBL.. mas mataas pa sa minimum wage kahit bangko ka lang..

9. Bench Fix

10. Girls gone wild
jp: solid pare.. kasi alam mo totoo talaga...

**then i stopped taking down note... imagine nalang what happend
(only slight dancing while in our counter were done during this night)

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