Sunday, August 16, 2009

amats? -- Gourmet's a.k.a. Charbroiled

after -- Paolo's bday painom at altitude bar in , Aguirre-BF (no pictures sorry, was lazy)
decent place, quite small though, so medyo masikip, but the electric fan to person ratio is quite high, so that's good for none a/c joints.

after loads of beer, jager shots, girly shots, kropek, cheese sticks, french fries, mojos... we still had to go to Gourmet's a.k.a. Charbroiled... i don't know how it happend, but everyone calls that spot charbroiled now, i guess cause the word has the bigger font in the signage? haha..

if you're from the south, you probably know about this spot already, if you don't.... shame on you! you're missing a lot....

good vibes

i used to get Blue Thunder all the time, but i'm into Beef Takaw now..

our order:
4 Beef Takaws
5 Blue Thunders

we stick with the classics...

didn't say much about the food, but dude.. trust me.. winner.. swear.. i vouch for this.. haha.. price-quality ratio is exceptional... (will explain about this ratio soon, came up with this ratio after intense finance subjects in training)... you just have to go and try it.. perfect after a night of drinks... best after amats food trip spot.. better than mcdo breakfast menu..

closed? naah... mabait sila ate.. :p

and they cater too....

zoom in on the signage, may tatlong butiki.. hahaha! :P

Gourmet's Palate (Charbroiled) is located in BF ParaƱaque, Aguirre Avenue.. you can't miss it.

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