Monday, August 3, 2009

Grassi's.... so so...

alright, I passed by this restaurant on one sunny day and was so amazed on how the place looked, it wasn't the typical restaurant in Alabang. It looked super expensive to dine in, but when i took a glance at the menu, it wasn't naman.. so i saved it for a "romantic" dinner out...

saw an article about this spot on Rogue.... so the hype was sky rocketing.

i'm ready, bring it on.

Chorizo and Asparagus Risotto
i'm a fan of risotto, so it was okay for me. not amazing.

Slow Cooked Lamb Shank Moroccan Style
now, I love lamb.. and this lacked "lamb" for me.. yeah, it was really soft, but parang bitin sa lasa... lam mo yun? another, just okay dish.

this was really good! what is it? i forgot.. haha! some chicken stripes with honeydew sauce whatever? basta it was good :)

spot the interior...

so the inside is amazing.. really cozy.. classy... good service... dining experience is top notch.. but my expectations on the food were not met. if you get to read reviews on Grassi's food, it would be all praises... maybe cause they get to eat for free? haha..

so for the dudes who want to impress their ladies, and are too lazy to go up north, then Grassi's Alabang is the place to go.. she'll think you're classy and mayaman.. haha! and and.. get yourself familiar with the menu, so when you order, you pronounce them right, plus pogi points bro!

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