Sunday, August 23, 2009

let's play grossology!

kwakaduck + sophia + kiko + pam
holiday friday

It was Sophia's birthday last Wednesday, August 19, so they had this whole day of activities set for Friday. It's not everyday that I have a free day off from my banker life, so I decided to tag along and have some quality time with the prettiest little girl alive..... kiko :p

1. Science Discovery Center
2. Shop
3. Merienda
4. watch UP in 3D

location: Mall of Asia

the fish that answers all your questions
try it.

don't really want to experience a real one, i'm fine with this simulation room

fishical education

this was pretty fun, Sophie and I scored 4th place in football

apparently, we're all gross...

sulit ba?
First, there's not really much to do in here, highlight was the 3D film in the observatory, just cause it looked cool.. and grossology of course
Second, a lot of the displays were not working! obviously, the place isn't being maintained well.... sayang naman..
with SM advantage, it's 300 per person

+ gift from patti

date at Burgoo, she got a cookies n' cream milk shake
she had a blast drawing on the table

couldn't finish my Hamburgoo, damn was it good... one of the tastiest burgers i've had... pricey, but worth it man.. solid..

decided not to watch UP in 3D anymore cause the line just to buy tickets was ridiculous...

Kiko: let's watch nalang in alabang babe?
Sophia: Okay
Kiko: Why?
Sophia: Cause the line is so long...

That's some awesome kid.

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