Thursday, August 6, 2009

pepper lunch = fun dinner

Alabang Town Center

Alright, I know that Pepper Lunch has been around for a little more than a year I think? And this is a bit of old news... but I was a PL Virgin, and with the same reason why you do things for the first time.. (not teenage hormones) but curiosity made me want to try Pepper Lunch.

I haven't been to PL because I am the typical boy from the south, ang layo ng Rockwell just for dinner! I was always curious though, cause when I would be in Rockwell, there would always be a massive line outside the restaurant... so them coming to Alabang works for me. Opportunity to try what Pepper Lunch is all about.

It was my little sister's birth/death day.. so we heard mass.. then the big question....
my father: san tayo kakain? Sophie, where do you want to eat?
Patti (Styleloca) and I already had plans to go to Pepper Lunch so I suggested it, and so we went.

so many to choose from

for first timers, this is pretty helpful

as you can see, taob ang Pepper Lunch. haha!

Alright, so here's what i gotta say:
It was really fun dining here, you kinda cook your own food, season em' just how you like it, it was interesting, and the food was tasty. will I come back? Fo'sho! Caution: let the food cool down a bit, struggle for the really hungry ones like me, sunog ang tongue ko dude.. but it's cool.

Nega vibes:
There is this one minor thing I didn't like. I know it's like a fastfood joint, like you pay as you order, no service charge and stuff... BUT... come on.. may reklamo ako... we were all eating, having fun, enjoying the food, and as I said, the food is served really hot cause of the plate... I asked for more water... the dude said "Sir we have a dispenser here"... I was like (in my head cause na shock ako).. what the? you want me to get up and get my own water rather than just giving me a cup and you were standing so near already? and the place wasn't packed naman... yun lang.
Kiko: sungit ah..
My face was stunned
Mum: me na, (got my cup and got water from the dispenser)

The verdict:
I had a good time, good food, comfortable place, the smoke doesn't bother me, mas fun nga eh, may effect.. yun lang.. yung water mishap... BV... but it's okay.. i'll still come back...

Sophie enjoying the lava cake ala mode or something..

shout out to my family's little angel up in heaven... what up?!


  1. Nice post and awesome pictures!

    Thanks for passing by at our Alabang outlet and of course thank you for bringing your whole family :-)

    I will inform the staff about the water dispenser, you are right they could have just given you a cup of water...

    Hope you sizzle with us soon again!


    you can follow here about PL:

  2. whoa.. chef jeroen.. it's an honor..

    thanks for giving value to my comment... i still had a great time.. i'm going to come back to try the massive looking steaks!

    and i do follow (bros: it aint queer to follow that site.. trust me.. it rocks)