Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thank God It's Sunday.

(from Tito Jojo Guingona's 2009 Calendar)

Man, I’ve been so busy with the banker life, well not as much as my peers, but you get my point. When I get home from Makati, I’m just too tired to do anything else but eat, watch TV and just lay on my dismantled bunk bed. Oh thank God it’s Sunday, and I have time to just chillax (that’s how the cool kids call chilling and relaxing nowadays, and I’m cool too).

I just checked the blog, and I noticed, people still do visit it, and I haven’t posted anything since august 17? Jahe naman, so here is another attempt to somewhat entertain you and put a smile on your face.

It’s sunny and windy! Just lovely after weeks of non-stop irritating rain which messes up my get-up to work. My Steve’s are getting wet! What up?! Sophia is here, we’re going to do nothing, together. We’re sweet like that.

I still haven’t read my August issue of Rogue cover to cover, and now is the time. Chillaxin (oh yeah) in our lanai, with my bro Chris Botti blowing his own trumpet with Sting, (a real trumpet, geez, you’ve got some dirty mind there) whose music can just relax you to the soul. With an attempt to make my own iced cafe’ mocha (Nescafe 3 in 1 + Ovaltine + Milk + Water + Ice), wasn’t very good but whatever, I just need some caffeine in my system due to last night.

Steady. But feakin’ a, our neighbor's helper is cutting their lawn with some irritating grass cutter. It’s so fucking noisy. It’s Sunday damn it! Can’t you do that tomorrow when everyone is at work!? Geez, trying to cover that annoying noise by pumping up the volume on Chris Botti’s trumpet. They are the worst neighbors ever. They used to call the cops (once or twice, even real cops, not just village security) on us when I would have parties back in HS and College. What a pooper. They even did a hate campaign on us. It was a failed attempt. Whatever, I won’t waste your time ranting about them; it’s just not worth it. Dump the bad vibes and let the good vibes roll. Yeah.

The August issue of Rogue is all about food. They feature tons of restaurants, food bloggers, filipino world-class chefs and a lot of stuff related to food. Restaurants, chefs, food and drinks have never been this interesting. If you want to try something new, away from the typical restaurants you find in shopping malls, and you just don’t know where to go? Grab a copy; I think they are still on the stands, hurry!

It’s getting gloomy and the wind is getting angry. It’s going to be a wet Sunday after all. Boohoo.

Pleasant wet Sunday to everyone. Keep it positive.

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  1. that neighbor of yours should be called mr. cranky pants! Hehe! you should finish reading Rogue cause you still have another magazine to drool on oh sorry read pala. :p