Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

my Birthday Sex

october 2009

this is how they pulled it off....

around 12 noon.. IM from Rich.. something like "ui bro.. lakad mamaya? birthday ng kapatid ko sama ka, daan lang tayo then bahala na" (hey dude, what's the plan for tonight? it's my brother's birthday... come with.. let's just pass by then whatever)

picked me up at around 730... picked up Bianca.. then off to some bar in BF... oh Cedar... for some reason.. Rich was thirsty... one bottle after the other... i was getting a bit buzzed already... then..

my mom calls...

Mom: Nikki, can you come home?
Me: What?!? Why?!
Mom: I don't know.. you have to go with your dad to Calamba
Me: What?! Why?!
Mom: I don't know.. basta you have to go daw with him.. drive for him daw..
Me: Why? What happend ba?
Mom: I don't know eh...
Me: Kailangan ba talaga ako (does it really have to be me?)
Mom: Yeah, Kiko left na...
Me: Nakakahiya naman.....
Mom: Just say it's an emergency
Me: Sige sige..

By this time.. i was both worried and pissed....

Rich: oh bro ano nangyari? (Bro, what happend?)
Me: ewan ko.. pinapauwi ako ng mom ko eh.. (I don't know.. my mom is asking me to come home)
Rich: ha? bakit? (what? why?)
Me: ewan ko pare.. weird nga eh. .samahan ko daw dad ko.. papa drive daw.. (I don't know dude, it's weird.. i have to accompany my dad.. asking me to drive for him)
Rich: oh? ngayon na? (Yeah? Now?)
Me: dein.. ok lang.. maya maya na.. (No, it's okay, let's wait a bit..)
Rich: sige last beer.. punta rin kami Giligans (Alright, let's finish this beer, we have a party to go to at Giligans anyway)
Me: okay..

In the village...

Rich: bro.. naiihi ako.. (Bro, I gotta piss)
Me: sige sige.. ihi ka lang diyan sa labas (go ahead, take a piss outside)
Bianca: kwak.. ako rin.. (Kwak, I have to go also)
Me: oh.. sige sige.. pasok ka.. (Oh, alright.. come inside)

I saw my brother's car outside.. and so i got pissed.. thinking.. "oh.. nandito pala siya, bat pinauwi pa ako!" (my brother is here, why did the have to let me go home?)

I rush through the gate... then i saw a woman sitting in the sala... I thought it was my brother's girlfriend.. as I got closer.. I saw it was Patti... with a cake with lit candles.. so i blew on them.. then.. i was like.. "oh.. is this why my mom asked me to come home?" suddenly....

people started to come out from inside the house...

damn.. they got me.

you got me bianca! showbiz ka talaga... swakto!

thank you Yellow Cab Alabang, you got here fast!


just settled down..

artista + poker player
I was with the both of you for 2 hours! you guys didn't crack.. not even a hint.. good job.

cranium time..
Boys 4 Wins
Girls 0 Wins

I made a video.. showing.. THE MOMENT.... but YouTube caught me for copyright infringment.. I'll figure it out.. ill try Facebook maybe.... you gotta see this ;)


Sunday, October 11, 2009

mr. & mrs.

Congratulations Ken & Azel Solano!

getting married.


don't they look happy? aww.. *tear*

mr. & mrs. solano

lucky bastard.

oops. she looked straight at me, maybe cause I was screaming my lungs off? "higher! higher! use your mouth bro!" damn.. jahe.. hahah!

aaaww... love..

their first dance.. awwww..

then they went MJ on us.. awesome

with the beautiful bride Azel

it was a lovely wedding you guys... I'm happy you've found each other... bless you both and i hope you'll have a wonderful life together.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

dios mio. round two.

pambihira.. back to back..

(as of 8pm, October 1, 2009)

stay strong Pilipinas... we can get through this, we always do.
stick together team.

this just in: heard on BNO that the Laguna Lake is expected to overflow, especially as the new typhoon comes. If you have relatives, friends, or whatever that could be affected by this, please advice them to evacuate their homes already. If you can, take them in, and let another obstacle pass.

more info on Pepeng here