Sunday, November 22, 2009

blister range

I've been meaning to get active on sports again, since i've been feeling a bit of a weakling lately. Haven't had a physical activity for quite a while now.. and I'm gonna try to change that.

i've been jogging around the village too.. and today i decided to hit the range after maybe a year and a half of not holding a club.

it felt good to hit again, felt my muscles being stretched to the limit.. im gonna pop alaxan later anticipating that i would feel this in the morning.

ang mahal na pala pumalo ngayon grabe.. i spent 470 pesos all in for an hour.. geezuz.. plus gatorade which i bought in 7eleven for 30 bucks.. a total of 500 pesos for an hour's worth of sweat.. damn.. money money..

this is what you get when you hit after a loooong time of not playing.
damn they fucking hurt.

was supposed to hit the mall after and get some new office clothes... but i got too tired.. and went home to eat pansit instead.

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