Sunday, October 31, 2010

ultra cool 50's Diner.

if there were colored photographs during the 50's, I imagine them looking like this... overly saturated but ultra cool.

Baguio City, October 2010


there was a juke box in the place.. wished it was working, but it was all for display.

what do you call a girl sailor? same? sailor din? haha.. sorry.

I want my future flat to have floors like this.. but smaller squares.. i don't know the technical term for it..

cool booths

portraits of the showbiz industry's greats.

chili burger

she = chicken + porkchop + minute steak + hotdog + french fries + ice cream scoop (all for Php175, sulit.)

food was not amazingly good.. but.. very affordable and the experience is something else. I recommend this for your next Baguio trip. they've got huge ass sandwiches too.

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