Thursday, November 4, 2010

john & yoko + cold rock = a hole in my wallet

greenbelt has pretty cool Christmas decoration this year.. simple but looks awesome.

I know John and Yoko is so... 2009? but it's my first time... so... whatever.

I like the lighting in this place.. not too bright.. and not too dark.. just right.

gayahin ko kaya toh for my room? haha

tuna sashimi.. my favorite.

dragon roll.... pretty good.

I love Japanese tea.

Wagyu beef + Bacon rice bowl
it was good.. but more wagyu beef please.

medyo namahalan ako...

my take on John and Yoko: pretty expensive, awesome ambiance (lights, tables and chairs, music).. much better than teriyaki boy (but more expensive so it better be), for some reason i think that joint is deteriorating (teriyaki boy).

will i go here again? hmmm... maybe.. i wanna try those set meals good for 4.. looks like fun.

cold rock

someone's happy.. she finally got her ice cream :p

coffee + butterfinger

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